Reaching 100+ Habits Created in Habitcue 📈

Habitcue Weekly 3-2-1 Issue No. 2

Photo by Victor Freitas

Hey Habitcuers,

Welcome to this week’s Habitcue Weekly 3-2-1!

3 Product Updates for Habitcue

Reaching 100+ Habits Created

Since we’ve launched Habitcue to open beta testing, there were 100+ habits created! We’re excited to track the next one thousand habits.

Join us in building better habits by downloading the beta app from TestFlight or Google Play.

Dark Mode & Repeat

Dark Mode

You’ve asked for it, we added it.

Introducing dark mode settings in Habitcue 🌚🌕

Dark mode settings is available to all users. 😊

Repeat Reminders 🔔

Repeat is a configuration that allows you to set the frequency of the reminders and progress check of a habit.

We will release 0.22.0 with Repeat Reminders! Stay tuned 👀

and more from us:

It’s a habit, we’re here to continuously improve the product and bring you a better habit tracking experience. Here are some of the user-reported bugs that we fixed:

  • Add habit counter in the Time of Day notifications

  • Fix duplicate notifications for the Time of the Day

  • Fix issues on pricing and subscriptions

  • Fix category completion UI misaligned on some devices

  • Fix mood log reminders

  • Fix layout issues for Onboarding

Feel free to share your feedback and experience with us! More on this.

What’s Next?

Goals 🏆

Goals feature is an additional way of tracking your progress. It allows you to track how many times or how long you are doing your habits per day or week.

Repeat Progress 📊

We will re-calculate the progress of your habits depending on the days of the week you set.

Notification Settings 🔔

This feature allows you to enable or disable a notification per habit and set the notification time for the Time of the Day.

2 Thoughts on Habits

1. Missed your habits once, or twice in a row? Start small.

One of the best ways for me to get back on track after slipping a day or two is by starting small, again.

It’s inevitable.

There are just days that I have unexpected guests or errands to attend, or I got caught up in work. Whatever reason it may be, I try to get back at doing my habits 70-90% of the time, even in small ways.

It's not the individual impact of missing your schedule that's a big deal. It’s the cumulative impact of never getting back on track. If you miss one workout, you don't suddenly feel more out of shape than you were before.

For that reason, it's critical to stick to your schedule, even if it's only in a very small way.

Don't have enough time to do a full workout? Just squat.

Don't have enough time to write an article? Write a paragraph.

Don't have enough time to do yoga? Take ten seconds to breathe.


2. Design your environment

One of the favorite habits I built last year, is reading. I owe this to the constant iteration of my workspace.

Previously, I had my books in the other room. Then placed them below my desktop monitors. Now, they have their well-deserved shelf just beside my desk. So whenever I need to shift my focus or take a long break, I just grab a book and read.

My humble workspace

Another great way to overcome this hurdle and get back on track is to design your environment for success.

Most of us acknowledge that the people who surround us influence our behaviors, but the items that surround us have an impact as well. The signs we see, the things that are on your desk at work, the pictures hanging on your wall at home … these are all pieces of our environment that can trigger us to take different actions.


1 Question for You

What is the most challenging part of getting back on track doing a good habit (or breaking a bad habit) for you?

Feel free to comment in this newsletter or send your answer at

Thank you and stay safe! 👋

Joshua D.